Squadify gets teams rocking!

We’re all taught from an early age that ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ – and yet, in the workplace, at least 60% of teams fail to function successfully.

We tend to be groups of people who happen to work alongside each other rather than true teams combining individual talents to deliver on shared goals. Research shows that many teams suffer from a lack of direction, interaction and trust.

Sound familiar? Squadify is all about creating a squad – a tight group of people who want to get stuff done. Squadify will get you and people around you working seamlessly together.

How Squadify Works

Squadify is an open, collaborative online tool for you and every member of your team to use freely. It works to improve a team’s performance by exploring and analysing what’s going on.

1 All squad members answer a set of simple questions
2 Analysis of the responses will immediately uncover areas
that need attention
3 Precise results are shared with everyone in simple
easy-to-follow graphics
4 Squadify will suggest quick and easy activities to set you
on your path to excellence
5 Re-test to track your progress: Squadify is yours to use as
much as you like 
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Intuitive and flexible

Squadify is a simple tool that works on PC, tablet and mobile.  Click here for an audio tour!

A Squad right from
the start

Because reports are designed to be
shared with your whole Squad, everyone can contribute. From the start this unique approach changes perceptions and improves cohesion.

Straight to the point action

Clear insights on the strengths and development areas for your Squad are highlighted. These provide action points that will instantly improve performance.


Small things,
big difference

For your Squad’s biggest development areas, quick audios give ideas for micro actions to immediately close the gaps. Fast, accurate and motivating for the whole Squad.

The Science of Squadify

Harnessing the powerful 3Cs framework, Squadify gets to the heart of what makes teams successful. This unique methodology draws on the most dynamic research into teams including:

  • Self-determination theory
  • Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of teams
  • Google Project Aristotle
  • Gallup Strengths Based Leadership
  • Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence
  • Maister’s Trust Equation
  • The Agile Manifesto

The result is an accurate team assessment which provides evidence for the team on their strengths and provides tailored priorities for development.

Your squad’s results are reported in the 3Cs framework which sets out the Conditions for SuccessTM.

Used by squads in all walks of life across nearly 30 countries for over 20 years, the 3Cs framework delivers an immediate improvement in team performance.

The sooner you Squadify, the faster you will free up resources and get results.

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Squadify Case Study

A senior leadership team of a major pharmaceutical company used Squadify to deliver business transformation through strong and effective teamwork. Squadify helped them to focus on the areas where they could have the most impact.

The team used Squadify three times
through the year to help them:

Set a clear goal and deliver double-digit growth
Develop deep trust and collaborative ways of working
Dramatically improve their shared vision for the business and their roles as a leadership team beyond their functional responsibilities

Results with

revenue growth
2 years in a row

scores up 29%

variability down 48%

We’re confident Squadify will energise your squad and get you working better together to get things done. It takes a disruptive, analytical approach based on the 25 years we’ve spent working with corporates, as well as a technology platform and data analytics to deliver insights you can work with.

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