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what we do

Squadify makes teamwork work. It’s a one of a kind team acceleration tool that gives any team, anywhere, the data they need to have the right conversation to truly connect and drive performance. Our technology is backed by science, proven with research, and affordable and accessible to everyone.


Powering teams worldwide

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why use us

We champion teams. All businesses are built on a network of teams and their effectiveness is fundamental to achieving goals. Squadify delivers real results for teams across every industry sector and at every level. We’ve codified the exact conditions for success translating team needs into easy to use actionable insights.

Increased Productivity
Squadify users report 10% growth in team productivity.
Increased Engagement
Squadify users report 11% growth in team engagement.
Increased Performance
Squadify users report 13% uplift in revenue.
Increased Connectedness
Squadify users report happier, thriving connected teams across their business.

We solve team challenges...

59% of teams are underperforming 

75% cross-functional teams are dysfunctional

$1 trillion lost p.a in the US through poor management and engagement 

41% of the workforce are expected to be working from home permanently



our beliefs and values

We are on a mission. For too long, we have been taught that it is all about the individual. ‘Top talent’. ‘High potentials’. ‘Great leaders’. Whilst we can believe that we are being urged to be independent - to go it alone, be first, to win, there’s often a bigger cost to us as humans. Our very humanity, our ability to connect and to work together to be greater together.


Squadify stands up for those things in humanity. For interdependence – the combination of talents to deliver more than the sum of their parts. For teams, and for any group, anywhere, doing anything for good.


We believe that we need each other, we work best together and that we can achieve more together. Squadify is on a mission to make that happen for the many by combining awesome data with a human dialogue that makes them, and the planet richer for the experience.


Join us. We’d love to have you on the squad.

We not me
People need each other and that connection makes us human. No one should have to go it alone, so find some fellow travellers and move forward together.
That is the essence of Squadify.
For everyone,
not the few
We have an abundant mindset and a strong streak of egalitarianism.
We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to flourish.
not map reading
We have a pioneering spirit and are happy to go where no one has gone before to do things that have not been done before.
not complexity
We have the courage to make things easy for everyone.
When things are simple, we can focus on the important stuff – each other.
Keep it real,
no pretence
Too many interactions are superficial and that means people are missing out on the good stuff, the real stuff. We have authentic conversations and make it easy for everyone to do so.
Owning it,
not ducking it
We take ownership and accountability for our decisions and behaviours and we’ll be big enough to admit if we stuff up and fix it.