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Become a SquadifyPro

Squadify makes teamwork work. If you are a coach, development practitioner or team leader and you want to help your teams be the best they can be, become a SquadifyPro Coach.

What does the certification involve


Learn about the 3Cs
Read a handout and listen to a recording
About the research which correlates  the 3Cs with high performance
View the Videos
Squadify User Experience and Squdify Report. Make a note of your questions
A sample Squadufy report and capture some insights to share
Approximate time required
90 min

Live Webinar

Ask questions
From the pre-work
The report and debrief process
Next steps and actions to complete the clarification
Approximate time required
120 min


Use of the Pro Portal
Study an e-learning module and setup a team to use Squadify
Observation and Feedback
Be observed carrying out the debrief by an experienced Squadify Pro Coach and receive feedback
Write a reflective statement on the experience for the Squadify team
Approximate time required
90 min


A Squadify consultant will work with you to:
•  Build a team-based strategy to add value to your clients
•  Build relationships in high-value industries with potential buyers
•  Troubleshoot issues and share experience and data as needed
•  Review progress and pivot as needed
Approximate time
required after Certification
30 min

SquadifyPro Certification

US$1,200 / £750 / AU$1500 per person
Discounts available for multiple practitioners
Squadify Certificate
Certification development including webinar
Premium (annual) license for trial site
Access to the Practitioner Portal to manage clients with a trade discount of 20%
1:1 support with first client debrief
Technical and subject matter support: through portal and with
Community support through MS Teams group
Ability to use Squadify 3Cs as part of coaching / consulting practice where Squadify is licensed