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Inspiring humans to be extraordinary... together.

Our Story

Squadify is a platform that combines data and dialogue and development to help teams to connect, evolve and thrive. It was born out of a belief that teams are at the heart of all thriving organizations and until now have been underserved.

Squadify’s founders, Pia and Dan, spent several decades leading teams and a combined 30 years at LIW, a global leadership consultancy, developing leaders and teams in some the world’s largest companies: Cisco, Novartis, Oracle, Macquarie, Pfizer and Royal Bank Scotland.
As work environments became increasingly complex, they recognised that many teams are dysfunctional, made up of a collection of individuals who lack communication and cohesiveness, or compete, rather than working together and collaborating. Everything seemed to be about ‘ME’ and little appeared to be ‘ WE’.
But there was another problem: solving these issues cost a great deal of money as it required time with an experienced consultant or coach. They knew there had to be a better way to help leaders build their team effectiveness; at its very core.
They embarked on numerous research trips to the US and during one of these, at a table in café in Harvard, MA, they devised a simple ‘Nose Cone’ diagram that visualise that the few few at the point get support but the vast number of leaders and teams (teachers, nurses, fire crews, volunteers) have no access to affordable leadership.
Fast forward to June 2019 and Squadify is born, the third attempt at a digital solution to achieve these goals. A team acceleration tool that codifies team success in a proprietary 3Cs framework - climate, competence and clarity – and backed by the latest science Squadify caught on immediately.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to positively impact as many teams as we can, globally. For too long, we have been taught that it is all about the individual. ‘Top talent’. ‘High potentials’. ‘Great leaders’. Whilst we can believe that we are being urged to be independent - to go it alone, be first, to win, there’s often a bigger cost to us as humans. Our very humanity, our ability to connect and to work together to be greater together.

Squadify stands up for those things in humanity. For interdependence – the combination of talents to deliver more than the sum of their parts. For teams, and for any group, anywhere, doing anything for good.

We believe that we need each other, we work best together and that we can achieve more together. Squadify is on a mission to make that happen for the many by combining awesome data with a human dialogue that makes them, and the planet richer for the experience.

Whether you are a large enterprise or a small startup, you run your own business or you lead on the frontline, it takes teams of people to get things done. Squadify will help your teams to be extraordinary together

Meet the Team

Meet the squad behind Squadify. These are the stars that make up our ‘star team’ and they are all dedicated to helping your team to thrive!
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