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Episode 49 - Connecting together in 2023

Show Notes

Is the balance of power shifting from employee to employer? Is AI in danger of reducing our willingness to connect as humans, or could it give us more opportunities for expression? Dan and Pia are joined by previous guests Amy Riley and Stephan Wiedner to share their predictions for 2023, and what we can all do to create spaces where people come together to get stuff done.

Takeaways from Dan and Pia

  • From Pia: The social fabric of humanity to affect change will become more important.
  • From Amy: Employees are going to need and expect more flexibility in their environments. This will meet resistance but will shift to acceptance.
  • From Stephan: Recent tech redundancies will shift the power from the individual back to organisations, who’ll require more in-office work and a reduction in salaries.
  • From Dan: The shift from remote to in-office working will vary depending on sector, with different sectors having different needs and expectations of how people come together to work.

Tips for facing 2023

  • From Amy:
  • Every person in an organisation needs to be a keeper of the culture.
  • We all need to leverage each-other’s strengths: what people are good at and what they’re interested in.
  • From Stephan:
  • Psychological safety is how we make it easier to share, talk about, and learn from mistakes.
  • Become a bystander in team conversations so you can look at them from a distance and notice where the team is getting stuck.


Meet the guests

Joe Ryle is Director of Four Day Week. He is also Media and Comms Lead for the think tank Autonomy, a former adviser to Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP and a former Labour Party Press Officer.