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Episode 48 - The importance of place

Show Notes

The workplace needs a rebrand. Design lead Doug Shapiro asked himself “If we didn’t feel like we had to drag ourselves to an office, would we feel differently about it?” Just like those pieces of broccoli our parents made us eat as kids – that most of us later realise is not only good for us, but tasty – a work space can be prepared or presented badly

Takeaways from Dan and Pia

  • A place can shape how we bring ourselves to work as individuals, and as members of a team.
  • Work is in a state of flux around place, with the balance of power shifting between employers and employees.
  • In order to flourish and get things done together, we need to look at our individual needs without becoming too individualistic in our thinking.
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Meet the guests

Doug Shapiro is the host of the highly-rated "https://ofs.com/imagine-a-place/podcast" Imagine a Place podcast that inspires connection and collaboration, while exploring the role place plays in people’s lives. He has hosted guests from Fortune 500 companies and aspiring entrepreneurs alike, facilitating authentic conversations about everything from the latest workplace trends to neuroscience and architecture. Shapiro served on IIDA’s international board from 2015-2020 and still plays a key role in programming for IIDA student members. He supports meaningful IIDA programming efforts, such as "https://ofs.com/imagine-a-place/design-your-world-pathway-design"Design Your World”a program for high school students that provides educational design opportunities and addresses diversity in design at the source. Shapiro played a key role in facilitating OFS’ involvement in the pilot program, which kicked off this year. He also serves on the advisory board for Kansas State University’s Interior Architecture and Industrial Design department.