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Episode 44 - Team leadership at altitude

Show Notes

For mountain guide Tania Noakes, leadership isn’t about giving commands, but is about collaborating. Tania is an adventurer and climber who works with teams to help them tackle some of nature’s biggest challenges. As a group guide, Tania has had to be something of a chameleon, adapting herself to what the team dynamic needs to reach their goal safely.

Takeaways from Dan and Pia

  • A good leader adapts to the team, rather than expecting the team to adapt to them.
  • Tough times call for clear communication.
  • If you’re doing something, explain what you’re doing to your team.
  • Respect of fellow human beings is non-negotiable.


Meet the guests

Tania is an IFMGA mountain guide and BASI Cross-Country Ski Trainer. She has been passionate about mountaineering and climbing since discovering it at University. Tania has climbed some routes that some people would consider challenging. Tania has raced cross country skiing and Biathlon at GB level with some success before becoming a trainer. She organised and led an Army Ski expedition to ski the length of the European Alps from near Vienna in Austria to the coast at Nice in southern France in the winter of 2015. An expedition lasting 82 days and creating ski touring opportunities for over 70 participants. Tania also skied solo the length of Norway “Norge la Langs” in winter 2018, a journey of 2566km completed in 82 days. She has been a qualified IFMGA guide for just under ten years and splits her work between her home base in Chamonix, Sardinia and the Dolomites. Tania specialises in creating bespoke adventures for small groups who want to immerse themselves in nature, aspiring to respect and protect our wild places.