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Episode 43 - The power of inclusion

Show Notes

We all believe diversity, equity and inclusion to be important, but bridging the gap between the intent and the positive outcomes it brings is no easy task. For Marsha Ramroop, that bridge is cultural intelligence, and she joins Pia and Dan to pose vital questions about inclusion that have surprising answers. After a career in broadcasting spanning 30 years, Marsha discovered the notion of cultural intelligence, and founded a consultancy and worked as Head of Inclusion at RIBA, so she could influence the creation of inclusive spaces.

Takeaways from Dan and Pia

  • A good leader adapts to the team, rather than expecting the team to adapt to them.
  • Tough times call for clear communication.
  • If you’re doing something, explain what you’re doing to your team.
  • Respect of fellow human beings is non-negotiable.


Meet the guests

Marsha Ramroop is a global award-winning Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategist, and Founder Director of Unheard Voice Consultancy Ltd. She has formulated a culture change methodology which has been recognised as successful with an international prize from the UN-backed conglomerate of best practice for personal and organisational development, the IFTDO. She was the inaugural Director of Inclusion and Diversity at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) so has a clear understanding of how a traditional profession has been running and the challenges it faces. Her culture change programme for staff at RIBA received 100% recommendation feedback from managers and significant behavioural shift within months. In addition to inclusion expertise, Marsha has a post-graduate degree in Business Management, which included organisational behaviour, as well as a degree and post-graduate in Journalism - originally having a 30-year career in broadcasting; skills she now uses to ensure clear communication. Whilst working at the BBC, she led inclusion efforts across the Midlands and developed a pioneering inclusive recruitment pilot for presenting staff, and an inclusive reporter scheme. Marsha is also Vice-Chair of the Institute of Equality and Diversity Professionals, an institute which strives to verify and set standards for the growing vocation of EDI practitioners. She works with the Cultural Intelligence Center, the global headquarters of cultural intelligence (CQ) as one of their published and highlighted thought-leaders on impactful organisational change, as well as a worldwide trainer and facilitator.