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Episode 40 - How to hybrid: tips from a long-distance team

Show Notes

For the first time in over a thousand days of Squadify and forty episodes of the podcast, Dan and Pia are in the same room, and are joined by Dan’s wife Juliet, to discuss findings from a recent analysis on Squadify data. Squadify works by asking team members to fill in a survey at the start and end of a particular period. Participants rate the importance of a series of conditions for team success, and then later return to record the presence of those conditions.

Takeaways from Dan and Pia

Key findings

  • Teamwork is a more important condition for hybrid teams than it is for those that work face-to-face.
  • Hybrid teams tend to be more task and transaction focused.
  • Not being together is allowing us to become more easily distracted.
  • Hybrid team communication can sometimes lead to fear of missing out.

What hybrid teams should focus on

  • Creating psychological safety
  • Using the right technology to enable better communication and avoid distraction
  • Keeping communication clear, so that everyone shares the same understanding


Meet the guests

Juliet is the Business Analyst for Squadify – her core role is to take the vision of the product from the founders and work with the development team to make it happen. She also leads our research and data analytics activities and is driven to find insights for teams to help them work better together. In her spare time Juliet loves to go for long runs on the beautiful Yorkshire moors.