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Episode 38 - Building trust for when you really need it

Show Notes

Community policing runs on trust, no matter the location. That trust flows both ways, and can have its basis in something as simple as a common interest. New Jersey police officer Adam Verducci and his squad are so well-connected that he knows when a situation is in progress just from the sound of a fellow officer’s voice on the radio. In his conversation with Dan and Pia, Adam walks us through a day in the life of a US police officer serving a relatively small town, where trust and connection come together to keep people safe.

Takeaways from Dan and Pia

  • Keeping a cool head can help keep a volatile situation from escalating.
  • The uniform denotes the job, but doesn’t give the wearer power.


Meet the guests

Adam Verducci has been a law enforcement officer in Central New Jersey for 6 years. As a patrol officer, he responds to any number of different emergency and non emergency calls as they arise. In his free time, Adam is a volunteer firefighter and spends time with his dog, Tigger, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.