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Episode 11 - Diversity in teams

Show Notes

For global leadership consultant Sahera Sumar, "diversity is a fact, but inclusion is the mindset", and it's possible for teams to be diverse but not inclusive. Sahera felt like she denied her heritage in order to feel accepted and fit in at work. Many organisations run programmes to try and combat unconscious bias, but this is only the start of the journey, and there's much more work to do to foster inclusivity within teams. As part of her work as a leadership consultant, Sahera builds on the foundation of unconscious bias training, and helps move people from a space of judgement to awareness and understanding, and then onto acceptance.

Takeaways from Dan and Pia

Meet the guests

Organisations with diversity of leadership that reflect their client base and their employees have been shown to have major benefits to innovation, ideas, business results, community engagement & the overall economy. Sahera is specialises in empowering women of diversity to step up and realise their true potential as leaders, driven by their purpose and values and to become “Woman of Influence”, and to become strong authentic leaders. Sahera partners with organisations , teams and individuals to strengthen and scale the diversity leadership pipeline and unlock the value of this diversity, to create an inclusive culture where diversity really thrives. Sahera is of Persian-Indian heritage, born in Kenya, living in Australia and worked in 25+ countries, experiencing diversity and embracing inclusivity and pluralism.