How is Squadify different to other tools?

  • From our 22 years of experience we have indentified the conditions that enable teams to fulfil their potential. These are the Conditions for Success™ also known as clarity, climate and competence (or the 3Cs™).
  • Squadify is not about the organisation or the Team Leader’s behaviours. It’s answered by the whole team including the Team Leader – working on the principle that all members of the team are equally responsible for creating the Conditions for Success™ for each other .
  • Squadify gives you data which enables the important conversations about how you are working as a team. Having these conversations allows you to iron out the niggles that get in the way of you performing at your best. When these conversations become part of how you operate as a squad, it builds a culture of openness and shared responsibility.
  • The reporting is simple to understand so that your squad can spend more time focusing on the actions which will make the biggest positive difference; the online dashboard has an audio tour which explains what you are looking at; the pop-up interpretations and audio actions give suggestions about what to do next.
  • Squadify is designed to be used on an ongoing basis. No matter what type of work we do, our conditions change all the time; people may leave or join the team, the organisations goals or the external environment may change. Squadify gives you a quick and easy way to check-in on the current team conditions so that you can adjust and continue to do your best work.

Who uses Squadify?

  • Many teams have already got value from Squadify including: Pharmaceuticals, healthcare, engineering, energy, communications, and charities. Squadify is suitable for any organisation where Squads work together to get things done.
  • The types of teams who have used Squadify include: Top teams (executive leadership teams), operations teams, technical software development teams, emerging leaders, sales teams, marketing teams, R&D teams, charity organisations and professional services. Squadify is designed to be used with all types of teams across any industry, function, and level both in and outside of commercial businesses.

How does Squadify work?

  • Team members and the Team Leader are sent an email from thesquad@squadify.net containing a link to rate 37 statements.
  • The statements are based on the Conditions for Success™ (the 3Cs). These are the conditions that will help teams work effectively together.
  • Each person rates each statement twice: once to rate the importance of that factor and once to rate how present that factor is in the team now.
  • When the close date has been reached, providing 3 people have responded, the Team Leader will be sent an email asking if they want to generate the report. Approximately one hour after this, the Team Leader will receive a notification with log in details to view their report.
  • When the Team Leader logs in, they will immediately see their report. They share this with their team in 2 clicks.

How do you set up a Squadify?

  • There are 2 ways to buy and launch a Squadify; through a Certified Squadify Practitioner who can invoice you or your business (maybe as part of a longer-term piece of work), or you can buy online through Squadify.net and pay by card.
  • You can find our price plans here Squadify plans. A Squadify Premium plan buys the user unlimited use for that squad for a 12-month period.
  • To set up a Squadify you need the Team Leader’s full name and email address, the name of the squad, the name and email addresses of the squad members and the launch and close date of the Squadify. That’s it. Everything is automated from there.

How is the data stored or protected?

  • The data is stored in the cloud on our Amazon Web Services platform. AWS is known for being very secure and data is encrypted which means it is translated into another form, or code so that it cannot be read by a hacker.
  • Access to the Squadify reports is limited to only a few people; The Team Leader, the Squadify Practitioner who is working with that Team Leader (if applicable) and the systems administrator at Squadify.
  • The Squadify systems and associated processes are regularly reviewed by an independent systems security expert as part of our commitment to be compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles (APP) and General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). You can find further information about our privacy policy and Terms and Conditions here.
  • When each user accesses Squadify for the first time, they are asked to review and accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions.

How much is it?

  • You can check our price plans on the website www.squadify.net.
  • If you have more than 12 people, that’s no problem, you can add team members for an additional price. You can amend your team members if you wish. Check the website for more information www.squadify.net/plans.

What is included in the price?

How does someone buy it?

  • Online through Squadify.net or through a Certified Squadify Practitioner.

What’s the benefit of buying through a Certified Practitioner?

  • They can offer additional services to help you and your team make improvements in the way you work. e.g. individual coaching, team workshops and leadership development programs.
  • We often find that teams benefit from having support to get clear on their priorities and improve the way their squad works.

Does Squadify work offline?

  •  No. You need a connection to the internet to receive the emails, answer the statements and also view the web report. In the Squadify premium plan you also get access to a downloadable pdf report. If you print or save this to your local files you can access it when you are offline.

How do I receive the report?

  • If you are working with a Certified Squadify Practitioner they will discuss with you how you want to receive the report. Often this will be as part of a coaching conversation where they can talk through the results with you.
  • If you are using the self-service Squadify, you will be sent an email when the deadline is reached and providing you have a minimum of 3 responses, you will be asked to log in and generate your report. Your report will be ready approximately 1 hour later and you will be emailed to notify you.

As the Team Leader, how do I share the report with my team/ Manager?

  • When you log into your web report, there is a share button on the top right-hand corner to share the web report with your squad. Just click this and confirm. As long as you entered the squad members details’ as a respondent, they will receive an email containing the link to the report.
  • Unless you put your manager as a squad member, they won’t receive the report when you share it online. In the premium version you can download and save a pdf copy. Then, you can simply attach this to an email and send it to your manager.

As the Team Leader, what should I do after I receive my results?

  • Well the first thing to do is give yourself time to explore the report. Click on the graphs, listen to the audios and read the information on the screen.
  • Next consider how you want to share and discuss the results with your squad. You are all responsible for the conditions you create and discussing your Squadify can be a great way to all come together. The key thing to remember (and one of the best aspects of Squadify) is that is doesn’t blame or expose anyone – even you as the leader. It’s a democratic approach and everyone has a part to play.

How do I improve my scores?

  • We have a few suggestions. There are audio micro-actions added to your lowest scores. These are suggestions about things you can try based on our 22 years of working with teams. However, there won’t be only one answer. Your squad, like all of us, is beautifully imperfect and human. Sometimes experimenting together with a few small things can have the best results. Then review, adjust and choose the next experiment.
  • It can really help to get an expert on board. Our Squadify Practitioners are coaches, development experts and facilitators. You could reach out to one of them about the services they can provide.

Are the individual responses anonymous?

  • Yes. That’s why we can’t generate a Squadify report with less than 3 responses so that they remain anonymous. Not even Thesquad@Squadify.net can see whose response is whose.
  • It’s not completely confidential because your comments will be shared anonymously so the Team Leader will see your verbatim comments. If they share the report the rest of your squad will see them too, but they won’t know you wrote them.

As a Team Leader, what happens if I need to make changes e.g. add or remove a team member once a survey is launched?

  • In Squadify premium, you can resend the launch email to the team, add more squad members and change the close date.
  • You can’t remove a squad member once your Squadify is live because we would need to remove their response. To keep responses anonymous, we don’t know whose response is whose.

How do I ‘whitelist’ Squadify?

In order to ensure that Squadify emails reach your users seamlessly, it’s best to ‘whitelist’ Squadify. Whitelisting means adding Squadify to your approved senders list. Here is the information you will need:

  • Sender email address: thesquad@squadify.net
  • Domain: squadify.net
  • Subject of the mail: this changes depending on where you are in the process but the first one will be named ‘[Team Name]: welcome to Squadify’
  • Date and time of the mail: these get sent at 7am Australian Eastern Standard Time on the day of launch
  • Sender SMTP host or IP Address: Squadify uses the AWS (Amazon Web Services) SES API which uses the SMTP protocol. We don’t use SNTP and we don’t have a permanent IP address. AWS is sends Squadify emails from the following server and port numbers:
  • Server Name: email-smtp.us-west-2.amazonaws.com
  • Port: 25, 465 or 587