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The We Not Me podcast is all about how humans connect and get stuff done together, hosted by Dan Hammond and Pia Lee from Squadify.

Anyone who is interested in the fascinating groups we call ‘teams’ should love this podcast! We need groups of humans to help navigate the world of opportunities and challenges, but we don't always work together effectively. This podcast tackles questions such as "What makes a rockstar team?" "How can we work from anywhere?" "What part does connection play in today's world?"

We’ll be interviewing a wide range of people who are working with, in and around teams across the world so we hope that you will hear diverse opinions so that you can inform your own.

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Episode 1 - Why teams?

Dan and Pia speak to Rob Metcalfe – a former commando and now leadership consultant and executive team coach – about significant performance challenges, how...

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Episode 2 - Teams in a work from anywhere world

Empathic leadership is what's needed in a globally-distributed workforce, and replacing water-cooler moments isn't as simple as organising more mandatory Zoom...

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Episode 3 - Psychological safety in teams

“Psychological safety describes the belief that neither the formal nor informal consequences of interpersonal risks, like asking for help or admitting a...

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Episode 4 - Three things sales teams need to do to be more...

Why rockstar sales teams not solo sales rockstars?

  • The pace of change is faster than ever. Companies, teams and individuals need to adapt, flex and pivot more...
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Episode 5 - Clarity at speed

Google iterates in 30-minute increments, which is part of why this massive company is able to innovate so quickly at scale. This involves making mistakes, but...

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Episode 6 - Bringing head and heart to teams

For civil engineering General Manager Lucy Hovanec, purpose can breathe life into teams, and in order to lead, self-knowledge is crucial. In this discussion,...

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Episode 7 - What teams can learn from sport, with Owen...

Sports teams have been evaluating their effectiveness for a long time, with the singular goal of improving performance. This week, Dan and Pia are joined by...
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