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Episode 36 - Breaking out of the box – neurodiversity and connection


Show notes

Undiagnosed autism can feel like a constant struggle to understand, and to be understood. For autism campaigner Ross Fraser, this led to him hiding away for decades to avoid continuing to feel like he was doing or saying the wrong thing, without ever being given rules that made sense.

The autism community in the UK includes approximately five million people, and yet in Ross’s experience, most people who live with autism say they’ve felt alone most of their lives.

In his conversation with Dan and Pia, Ross breaks down some of the key differences between neurotypical and neurodivergent minds, and talks openly and emotionally about the impact loneliness and isolation has, which is what fuels his advocacy.

Takeaways from Dan and Pia

  • Are we getting worse at connecting together as humans? If so, part of the work of connection means treating each-other as individuals.

  • Is anyone really “fully” neurotypical?

  • Any difference needs to be embraced with compassion, care, and curiosity.

  • If you can be compassionate, you can work with any human.


Episode 36 - Breaking out of the box – neurodiversity and connection
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Meet the guests

Ross Fraser creator of mylifeautistic was self-taught in the last 11 years, no real formal qualifications, he has worked alongside mycologists as well as interacting with neurologists to confirm his autism theory. Autistic, dyslexic, dyspraxic, sensory processing disorder, dyscalculia, ADHD, and c-PTSD. An author and human rights activist for the autistic and neurodivergent community. His rewrites of popular songs for the autistic community have been shared by Adele, John Legend, Beyonce, Crowded House, Ocean Colour Scene and OneRepulic. 

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