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The We Not Me podcast is all about how humans connect and get stuff done together, hosted by Dan Hammond and Pia Lee from Squadify.

Anyone who is interested in the fascinating groups we call ‘teams’ should love this podcast! We need groups of humans to help navigate the world of opportunities and challenges, but we don't always work together effectively. This podcast tackles questions such as "What makes a rockstar team?" "How can we work from anywhere?" "What part does connection play in today's world?"

We’ll be interviewing a wide range of people who are working with, in and around teams across the world so we hope that you will hear diverse opinions so that you can inform your own.

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Episode 36 - Breaking out of the box – neurodiversity and...

Undiagnosed autism can feel like a constant struggle to understand, and to be understood. For autism campaigner Ross Fraser, this led to him hiding away for...

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Episode 35 - Emotional intelligence in teams

Human beings are designed to connect. Lockdowns showed us how much we valued connection, but also how vital our habits were to helping us stabilise. But while...

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Episode 34 - Engaging communities

When Becky Malby discovered that her local water provider was dumping raw sewage into the nearby river on a regular basis, she was outraged. So she helped...

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Episode 33 - Emergency room teams

Accident and emergency nursing involves managing and working with ever-shifting teams, with people joining temporarily who bring skill and knowledge, but...

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Episode 32 - Leading healthy teams

Where do you go to half a fast-tracked career and make some quick cash? For Stephen Hunt, the answer turned out to be Internet advertising. But it was only...

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Episode 31 - Bringing our baggage to teams

We all carry our psychological histories on our backs, and the weight of those feelings can affect how we work within a team. We Not Me producer Mark Steadman...

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Episode 30 - Generative leadership in teams

There is a void of leadership following the pandemic, and everything feels uncertain. That uncertainty – precarity – is an area of study for generative...

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Episode 29 - Happiness in Teams

If you look after your employees, your customers will be happier, and you’ll make more money. That’s the hypothesis Matt Phelan took, inspired by Richard...

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Episode 28 - Connecting to Heal

Husband-and-wife team Kristy and James Thomas have both suffered profound and untimely loss in their lives. But from that grief, they have been able to create...

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Episode 27 - Coaching challenging teams

Jackie Weaver became an Internet sensation in February 2022, when her handling of a parish council meeting – and the councillors’ reaction to it – went viral....

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Episode 26 - Teams in disaster relief

Expertise can allow us to flourish in our comfort zones, but when thrust into a new environment, we have to rely on others. For Janet and Reid Boswell, what...

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Episode 25 - Season 2 Retrospective

Dan and Pia kick off season three with a look back at the previous season, with help from special guest   Lucy Hovanec. The team discuss
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Episode 24 - The Great Retention: how teams get people to...

For Chief HR Officer Suni Lobo, psychological safety is key to teams feeling like they belong. It was put to the test during the pandemic, but her company’s...

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Episode 23 - Community teams

If one member of a team isn’t working towards the common goal, they won’t succeed. Social entrepreneur David Burns sees that in the work he does to help...

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Episode 22 - Data from the heart

How do we create moments to reset? Just like a Formula 1 car pulling into a pitstop, slowing down and stopping completely in order to win a race – how can we...

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Episode 21 - Individual identity in teams

James Prior, Global Head of Leadership Development at Gilead Pharmaceuticals, join Dan and Pia to explore the symbiotic relationship between the individual and...

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Episode 20 - Critical Teams

Pia and Dan are joined by Martin Bromiley OBE, airline captain, charity trustee, and public speaker whose story of loss has fuelled much of the work he does...
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Episode 19 - From the frontline of firefighting

Pia and Dan are joined by former corporate worker and now voluntary firefighter Sandy Quirinale.After her second son became interested in the fire service as a...

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Episode 18 - Building the right team culture

Dan and Pia explore creating safe cultures for people to thrive, with consultant Kevin Brownsey.Kevin is the CEO of Red Pill Consulting, a company that tries...

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Episode 17 - Teams in adversity: lessons from war and...

Jim Molan spent 40 years in the army from the age of 17. Since retiring from the army in 2008 as a Major General, he has written a book about his time in Iraq,...

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Episode 16 - Teams in the Metaverse

Dan and Pia explore meetings in the metaverse, with the help of freelance technologist Ian Smith. What is the future of remote team collaboration? Do we...

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Episode 15 - Mental health in teams

For over a year Chuck Anderson underwent a battery of tests to find out why he was feeling so physically unwell. After moving from the US to Sydney and still...

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Episode 14 - The jazz ensemble: the ultimate team?

Professional double-bassist Craig Scott of the Sydney Conservatorium joins Dan and Pia to discuss the ultimate team: the jazz ensemble.

“There’s probably no...

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Episode 13 - Season 1 review and the Conditions for Success...

In their first episode of season two, Dan and Pia explore the three Cs needed for success: clarity, climate and competence with the help of Dr Jessica Tonissen.

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Episode 12 - Compassion, Actually

When you help people help, you help people hope.   Gillian Coutts, Country Director at Potential Project discovered this when working within her community during...
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Episode 11 - Diversity in Teams

For global leadership consultant   Sahera Sumar, "diversity is a fact, but inclusion is the mindset", and it's possible for teams to be diverse but not inclusive.
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Episode 10 - Customer-centric teams

Customer-centric companies are laser-focused on providing great experiences for their customers. For Stuart Dalziel, teams play a pivotal role in bringing...
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Episode 9 - Agile teams

Every member of a squad is of equal value, regardless of their department, seniority, or pay scale. It's important to check egos at the door when forming a...
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Episode 8 - Team work on set

Actor   Erik Thomson  is no stranger to being part of a team, whether that be on the production set of a feature film or TV series. In his conversation with Dan...
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Episode 7 - What teams can learn from sport

Sports teams have been evaluating their effectiveness for a long time, with the singular goal of improving performance. This week, Dan and Pia are joined by...
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Episode 6 - Bringing head and heart to teams

For civil engineering General Manager Lucy Hovanec, purpose can breathe life into teams, and in order to lead, self-knowledge is crucial. In this discussion,...

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Episode 5 - Clarity at speed

Google iterates in 30-minute increments, which is part of why this massive company is able to innovate so quickly at scale. This involves making mistakes, but...

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Episode 4 - Three things sales teams need to do to be more...

Why rockstar sales teams not solo sales rockstars?

  • The pace of change is faster than ever. Companies, teams and individuals need to adapt, flex and pivot more...
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Episode 3 - Psychological safety in teams

“Psychological safety describes the belief that neither the formal nor informal consequences of interpersonal risks, like asking for help or admitting a...

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Episode 2 - Teams in a work from anywhere world

Empathic leadership is what's needed in a globally-distributed workforce, and replacing water-cooler moments isn't as simple as organising more mandatory Zoom...

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Episode 1 - Why teams?

Dan and Pia speak to Rob Metcalfe – a former commando and now leadership consultant and executive team coach – about significant performance challenges, how...

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