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Success Stories



Squadify supported Merck to become a high performance organisation.

The Problem

In 2018 the leadership team were:
  • Exhausted
  • Low risk taking & low trust
  • Low engagement
  • Poor communication

The Work

As a result, the organisation had:
  • Weak performance
  • Missed targets
  • Poor data & decision making

The Results

After using Squadify, today in 2020:
  • Financial performance 113% vs budget
  • Engagement decline turned around and 11% Y-o-Y growth
  • I would recommend Merck as a great place to work” up to 94% from 77%
  • Team are collaborative, confident and engaged
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Kids Cancer


The Team

A charity with the mission to support bold science that has the greatest chance of clinical success to improve childhood cancer treatments. Challenged by separate teams working on fundraising independently, not leveraging the connections between them. 

Then they used Squadify

The whole team used Squadify to support their collaboration and develop a shared vision. Launched the first campaign aligned across the business and achieved over double the impact of earlier fundraising initiatives. Team are having more honest conversations and using data to drive decision making to optimise fundraising. 

The Results

  • Built greater trust and honest communication across the team Fundraising more than double target
  • Squadify scores improved 35% 
    Team alignment improved 60%

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