Shape Shape

a team acceleration platform

Squadify champions teams.
It helps teams succeed and connect, through easy to action data that enables them to accelerate their goals and efficiency, and track and improve their progress.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Data is essential to give teams the insights they need to be truly connected and high performing. We have codified the exact conditions of success to help your team thrive, succeed and reach their goals.


More than just an opinion poll or engagement tool, Squadify analyses, tracks and develops teams to drive optimal outcomes and performance. It spotlights any issues to remove barriers to team success quickly, and translates them into easy to understand, actionable insights that enable constructive conversations and drive quantitative results.

Squadify not only unites and accelerates teams, it enables a safe space for every team member to have a voice. Further, it facilitates accountability amongst everyone, sharing leadership responsibility and easing the load from the team leader.

If you lead a team, you need to be using Squadify.


how it works

We like to keep things simple. Teams log in to Squadify once a quarter to anonymously rate statements based on Conditions of Success TM (the 3Cs). A report is generated that ranks these conditions and includes graphs, audios and suggestions for improvement to enable the right dialogue.

Teams input their feedback to generate data
Data prompts the right dialogue to have with the team
Dialogue develops and accelerates team outcomes

the science

Squadify is backed by data and proven by science.

Over 20 years’ experience developing teams has enabled us to codify the perfect conditions that create success, which we named the 3Cs:

Clarity (of roles and the strategy you are trying to achieve)

Climate (the right structures, processes and culture)

Competence (the right skills, knowledge, behaviours and attitudes)

The questions in our Squadify surveys use the 3Cs framework to perfectly determine the teams ‘performance and dynamics. This enables the team to become more than the sum of its parts - in short, a Rockstar team is far better than a team of stars! And it really works.The London School of Economics researched and endorsed Squadify and the 3Cs as being effective in enabling team success.


Clarity helps everyone in the team to know why the team exists, what the team is trying to achieve (including how that will be measured), how they will get there and who will do what.


Climate is the environment inside the team and includes the hard climate (resources, structure, systems and processes) and the soft climate (culture and relationships).


Competence is about the individuals in the team. What skills and knowledge do they have and how appropriate are their behaviours and attitudes?