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New Squadify Feature

Check out Squadify’s new feature which has just been released. Now you can share your Squadify report with not only your team, but also other colleagues, whether that be a coach or a manager.

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Chief Disruption Officer Dan Hammond on Millennials working from home

Chief Disruption Officer Dan Hammond met with masters students at LSE university to discuss working from home. The majority of opinions suggested millennials prefer working together in the office so they can collaborate with their colleagues to cooperate effectively.

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Hear from our Chief Disruption Officer Dan Hammond as he talks you through our new release!

We are really excited to announce the launch of Squadify, our new team performance tool. Squadify is an open, collaborative online tool for you and every member of your team to use as often as you like. It helps teams to identify their strengths and focus on areas for development. Also, research shows that teams that agree on how they are working together, perform together.

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